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2017 Fatalities



In 2017, NCEDSV identified 18 incidents in which someone lost his/her/their lives due to domestic violence. In these incidents: •Fifteen women and two men were killed due to intimate partner violence. Two children were killed during an intimate partner violence incident. •The parents of a victim were killed in connection with an intimate partner violence homicide. •Six alleged male perpetrators’ suicide deaths followed domestic violence homicide or attempted homicide.

Cause of Death



National studies show that when there is a handgun present in a household where domestic violence is occurring, the chances of someone being killed increases 500 percent. 6 These statistics continue to bear true in Nevada. In 2017, 11 of the 21 victim, child, and bystander deaths (52.38 percent) were due to gunshot wounds; 4 or 19.05 percent were due to stab wounds; 3 or 14.29 percent were to 4 strangulation, 2 or 9.52 percent were due to unknown circumstances, and 1 or 4.76 percent was due to blunt force trauma. Additionally, 66.67 percent of the alleged perpetrators who killed themselves, used firearms.

Victim/Perpetrator Relationship



Most fatal incidences that occurred were between dating (23.81 percent) or formerly dating (23.81 percent) individuals. This year, two children were killed in intimate partner violence situations. Additionally, two parents of a victim were murdered in a secondary location.





REMEMBERING those we lost


Laura Angel Guden, 21 (female victim) March 9, 2017, Las Vegas, Clark County Police arrested Robert Roginisky, 38, for the strangulation death of Laura Angel Guden. Guden and Roginisky were dating and living together. Neighbors called the police after hearing screaming and a loud thump. According to police, Guden was found unresponsive and with defensive wounds on her hands. 

Geranique Bentley, 20 (female victim) March 11, 2017, Las Vegas, Clark County Geranique Bentley burned body was found in the rear part of an apartment complex. The coroner later determined that she was strangled before being burned. Police arrested Raymond Quinsell Lewis IV on one count of open murder, arson in the third degree, domestic battery by strangulation, and destroying or concealing evidence. According to police, Quinsell stated he strangled Bentley then burned her body because she called him lazy in an argument. 

Jose Ignacio Villanueva, 40 (male victim) April 1, 2017, Las Vegas, Clark County Jose Villanueva was allegedly shot and killed by his girlfriend, Lisa Hollopeter, 35. According to the police, Villanueva died due to gunshot wounds to his legs, back, and left shoulder. When questioned by the police, Hollopeter stated she shot her boyfriend and changed her story several times that prompted the arrest. 

Glenda Taylor Freese, 45 (female victim) April 23, 2017, Las Vegas, Clark County Allegedly, after Glenda Taylor Freese called off her wedding to Steven Miller, he stabbed her multiple times with a butcher knife. Taylor Freese was able to tell police that Miller had stabbed her before dying. According to police, Miller admitted that he stabbed Taylor Freese several times. Subsequently, the coroner reported that Taylor Freese was strangled as well. According to police, Miller attempted to take his own life. He survived and was charged with murder. Miller was a Clark County juvenile probation officer. Jodeane Robertson, 54 (female victim) and Jason Charles Robertson 54, (male suicide) May 13, 2017, Las Vegas, Clark County  A neighbor called police after she heard a gunshot and then heard another. Police arrived to find Jodeane Robertson dead with multiple gunshot wounds, and Jason Robertson dead from a single gunshot wound. 

Stella Martinez, 39 (female victim) June 3, 2017, Las Vegas, Clark County According to Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, officers observed Christopher Wood attacking and strangling Stella Martinez. As police ordered Wood to cease, he ripped hair out of her head. A week later, Martinez died from her injuries. Prior to her death, Martinez predicted that Wood would murder her. 

Lorena Gardner, 29 (female victim) July 8, 2017, Reno, Washoe County In Dinuba, California, police responded to a domestic disturbance, and shots fired call. Witnesses indicated to the police that Jose Rodriguez had a dead body hidden in his SUV. Upon the arrest of Rodiguez for a stabbing incident, the police obtained a search warrant and found the body of Lorena Gardner in the cardboard box. Reno Police was contacted, and they confirmed evidence of a possible homicide in the apartment that Gardner and Rodriquez shared. According to police, Rodiguez drove from Reno to Dinuba with their four children and the body of his girlfriend in his vehicle. 

Karen Jackson, 34 (female victim) John Lunetta, Jr., 1 (male victim), John Lunetta, Sr. 40 (male suicide) July 10, 2017, Las Vegas, Clark County Neighbors discovered the bodies of Karen Jackson, John Lunetta, Jr., John Lunetta, Sr., and their family dog. Shots were heard about 24 hours before the discovery. Police determined that Lunetta, Sr., murdered Jackson and their son, shot the dog, then killed himself. Police stated they were called to the residence during a domestic disturbance that did not escalate to domestic violence before this incident.

Nova Knaub, 4 (male victim) Tyler Knaub (male suicide) July 15, 2017, Las Vegas, Clark County According to the police, Tyler Knaub allegedly forced his way into the home of his ex-girlfriend, Cierra Cabrera, and bound Cabera and his son Nova Knaub with zip ties. Tyler Knaub began to stab both Cabrera and his son. Tyler Knaub then stabbed himself. Cabera screamed, and a neighbor came in and found them. Nova Knaub was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead. Cabera survived.

Makayla Rhiner, 21 (female victim) August 3, 2017, Las Vegas, Clark County Makayla Rhiner was allegedly stabbed multiple times by her ex-boyfriend, Brandon Hanson, 33. According to family members, Rhiner broke-up with Hanson. He took it poorly, threatening to kill himself and vandalizing cars belonging to Rhiner’s mother and her new boyfriend. Hanson admitted that he went to her home to discuss their relationship but “grew angry and stabbed her in the neck when she dismissed the ideology of their relationship.” Noel Acosta, 46, (female victim) Thomas Acosta, 44 (male suicide) August 13, 2017, Las Vegas, Clark County Noel Acosta’s teenage-daughter, Selena Janeway, called the police after hearing gunshots. Upon arrival, police assisted Janeway out of the home through a window. When entering, the police found the bodies of Noel Acosta and Thomas Acosta. The police indicated there were previous incidents of domestic violence in the family. It was determined Thomas Acosta murdered Noel then shot himself. The couple was in the midst of a divorce. According to police, the daughter did not witness the shooting, but was in her room and heard it. 

Cynthia Alden, 37 (female victim) September 6, 2017, North Las Vegas Police allege that an argument between Cynthia Alden and her boyfriend Toby Lara is what lead to Lara shooting and killing Adlen. When police arrived, Alden was unresponsive and was later declared deceased on the scene. Later that day, Lara was taken into custody by the FBI C.A.T. Task Force. 

Susan Arvanitis, 70 (female victim) Fred Frank Wolf, 71 (male suicide) September 28, 2017, Pahrump, Nye County Deputies from the Nye County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to the couple’s home for a welfare check. Upon arrival, deputies were unable to make contact with the couple and entered the home. Once inside, deputies discovered both persons deceased as a result of gunshot wounds. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the investigation and autopsy results lead them to believe that Fred Wolf fatally shot his wife, Susan Arvanitis several hours prior and then took his own life.

Daniela Rozada, 37 (female victim) October 1, 2017, Las Vegas, Clark County Daniela Rozada was allegedly shot in the head by Eduardo Rozada-Tomayo, 36, during an argument regarding custody of their daughter. Rozada-Tomayo then disappeared with their daughter and later dropped her off at a family member’s home. Rozada died of her wounds. Rozada-Tomayo was arrested. 

Rebecca Driver, 36 (female victim), Frank Evans, 67 (male victim), Coral Evans, 68 (female victim) October 10, 2017, Silver Springs, Lyon County According to the Lyon County Sheriff’s Office, Scott Baskette, 48 was arrested for the murders of his ex-girlfriend Rebecca Driver, and her parents Frank and Coral Evans. The incident began when deputies responded to Drivers’ home for a medical call. She was discovered by her children who called 911. When deputies arrived, she was already deceased. During the investigation, the deputies discovered information that led them to believe the Evans were in danger. The deputies went to the Evans’ home to notify the family of the Drivers’ death and warn them of the possible danger. The deputies found Evans shot and killed. 

Philomena Wong, 82 (female victim), John Pinkkuen Wong (male suicide) November 1, 2017, North Las Vegas According to police, Philomena and John Wong were found dead in a rehabilitation center where one of the couples was admitted. Police determined that Philomena was shot in the head and the manner was ruled a homicide. Additionally, police determined that John’s death was suicide due to an intraoral gunshot wound. 

Nicole Nguyen, 41 (female victim) November 11, 2017, Las Vegas, Clark County LVMPD arrested John Fitzgerald Gonzelez, 51 for the shooting death of Nicole Nguyen. Nguyen had filed for divorce seven weeks before the shooting asking for sole legal and physical custody of their child. According to police, there was one previous domestic disturbance call to the home. 

Emmanuel Amar, 43 (male victim) According to police, Emmanuel Amar was allegedly stabbed in the chest and back by his girlfriend, Melissa Barnes. According to witnesses, Amar was attempting to prevent Barnes from stabbing herself when she began stabbing him. Witnesses stated seeing incidences of domestic violence towards Amar before his death; however, the police were not called.

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