Dock Ellis, The Husband and advocate


The Dock Ellis Foundation was established in 2009, shortly after Dock Ellis Jr. passed away from difficulties from Cirrhosis of the liver. Hjordis Ellis, Dock Ellis wife and his Daughter Jasmine Lee founded The Dock Ellis Foundation to honor Dock Ellis’s name and to continue his fight for JUSTICE.  Together a team of Fact-checkers and Advocates was formed to assist victims of crime and injustice.  Our team is located in California, Nevada and Texas, each member is equipped with media passes, advocacy training and degrees. 

Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter on June 12, 1970, and later stated that he accomplished the feat under the influence of LSD.Dock Ellis was the starting pitcher for the National League in the All-Star Gamein 1971 and later that year, the Pirates were World Series champions. Joining the Yankees in 1976, he helped lead the team to the American League pennant, and was named the league's Comeback Player of the Year.

Ellis was an outspoken individual who advocated for the rights of players and African Americans. He also had a substance abuse problem, and he acknowledged after his retirement that he never pitched without the use of drugs. After going into treatment Ellis remained sober and devoted the remainder of his life to counseling others with substance use disorder in treatment centers and prisons.


Coping with a missing loved one is traumatic and overwhelming.  We want our families to know that you are never alone.  We offer continued support and are totally committed to our families during this very difficult time.